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Weed Control Toronto

Weeding is a highly common activity that is carried out on lawns and gardens. While some pursue it as a hobby, others will undertake it when absolutely necessary. While it may seem like a simple activity that doesn’t require a lot of skills or knowledge, this couldn’t be further from the truth. When it comes to weeding, we advise you first understand what you are dealing with before embarking on the process.

Weed Control

Weed control includes:

  • 4 seasonal Applications

Spring – April / May
Early Summer June / July
Late Summer August / September
Fall October / November

  • Fast acting herbicide
  • Organic product Fiesta
  • Pet friendly

Starting from $40.00 per application or $140.00 for the season.

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What are weeds?

For you to be able to carry out proper weeding, you must know what a weed is so that you will be able to identify it. A weed is any invasive plant that competes for space to grow with the grass. Examples are coarse-leaved grasses, dandelions, clover, daisies, and buttercups among others. Knowing is not enough. You need to know how they appear and when to weed them. You are supposed to understand that not all weeds are harmful all the time. Some weeds are beneficial to the grass at some stages of their growth.

Weeding is a practice that needs to be left to the professionals. Our team is comprised of professionals who have great knowledge about weeds. They are able to determine what types of weeds have invaded your lawn, the best way to remove them, and the right time to do so.

What causes weeds?

Sparse grass will always encourage the growth of weeds. They establish because they are able to survive even close and regular lawn mowing.

How do you notice there are weeds?

You can identify invasion of weeds in your lawn in several ways

  • Your grass may look patchy and sometimes may have uneven growth rate
  • The grass may start to flower even though this is common if the grass is left to grow long
  • They give your lawn an uneven color. They may remain green during a drought or stay brown during favorable seasons.

With any type of service required our team has the expertise and experience to give you the perfect lawn mowing and maintenance all the time. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction.


You can control weeds using two ways. You could choose physical or non-chemical means. Where these methods are not feasible, you could use chemical means. When we say weeding is for the professionals, this is where you see the difference. We have the proper knowledge to do all this.

Non-chemical controls

  • Feeding, aerating and scarifying makes the grass grow vigorously suppressing the weeds
  • Avoiding close mowing
  • Removal using a hand fork
  • Rave over then mow to discourage creeping weeds
  • Dig out the weeds

Chemical controls

It is important to understand when it is right for you to use chemical methods. Our team is trained to analyze some necessities, so as to determine if chemical control is the right means to use. We are using Fiesta weed control, the best product to combat weeds, approved by Ontario. The right amount will be used, so as not to affect the grass on your lawn.

Contact us for the safest application of chemical controls to the weeds on your lawn.