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Aeration Toronto

You could be performing your fertilizing and watering practices in a perfect way, but you may not be getting the kind of results you need. Why? Because the nutrients and water applied are not being absorbed by the plant. The cause of this is only because the water and nutrients are not reaching the soil beneath your grass. The only solution here is aeration. Aeration will allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate even built-up grass and lawn thatch.


Why Aeration:

  • The main reason behind aeration is to alleviate compacted soil
  • It allows water and nutrients to penetrate easily
  • Helps roots to grow deeper, reaching for more nutrients, producing a stronger and better lawn
  • Helps remove excess thatch

Starting from $80.00 for up to 2000 sq. ft.

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So many residential and commercial property owners are always confused about aeration. When does your lawn need aeration? And what lawn needs aeration? We will take you through some of the things you need to understand before deciding on aerating your lawn. Your lawn is a candidate for aeration if:

  • It undergoes heavy usage like playgrounds and race tracks. The usage contributes to heavy soil compaction.
  • It is established as part of a newly constructed home and the grass was on compacted subsoil due to construction traffic.
  • It dries out easily and is spongy
  • It was established where a soil layering exists

But how do you know that your soil is compacted and needs aeration? This is why we're saying that if you need to achieve a beautiful lawn, leave all your maintenance practices to the professionals. You may want to attend to your lawn personally, maybe because it is small. Okay. We understand. But think of all the information you don’t know and may end up making a mistake that could cost you your beautiful lawn in the end.

The first step should be to perform soil compaction assessment and determine whether it needs aeration. Do the shovel comparison and also assess your lawn if there are thatches more than your lawn can maintain. Thatches can be beneficial but when they are so numerous, it is time to aerate.

All this should not bother you. Call us and let us take away the stress and make sure you achieve the most beautiful lawn probably in your neighborhood.

We do aeration with free estimates. Let us make your dream come true.