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Garden Maintenance Toronto

Garden maintenance is the art and science of keeping a garden healthy, safe, clean and attractive. Maintenance helps keep the landscape in its beautiful state. This is not a random activity but one that requires honing of skill to know what to do and when. The tools used for garden maintenance are also crucial and must be chosen carefully.

A well-tended garden is a sight to behold and induces calmness and relaxation. But do not be fooled, achieving vibrant and healthy blooms takes a lot of work and investment. Great care must be taken right from when you are preparing the garden up until the time the evidence of your hard works begins to blossom.

Garden Maintenance

Garden maintenance package:

  • Weeding
  • Shrubs / tree trimming and pruning
  • Edging
  • Soil cultivation
  • General clean up’s
  • Flower care

Bi-weekly service starting from $55.00 per visit.

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Our team just wants you to have the perfect garden

We have professionals who have the right combination of skills and experience to ensure that your garden is a masterpiece to behold. Our professionals will be involved right from preparing the area well, choosing the best flowers for you to the watering and maintenance. Even if you plant the best seeds, then leave them, you won’t achieve the best results. Maintenance is the key to achieving a beautiful, wondrous garden. It is a practice that needs a program.

We have a very well planned garden maintenance program. Gardens are very different hence the activities in the program still vary from one garden to another. Each garden comes with its own unique flaws, and the basic goal of garden maintenance is correcting these flaws.

Even though the maintenance practices may vary, we do our best to make sure that every person is well catered for. Our garden maintenance package has all the activities that are needed for different and all gardens.

We do our best to cover all angles and bases to create and maintain a pristine look in your garden. We cater to both commercial and residential garden maintenance.

Our team is a group of professionals who have a wide knowledge on garden maintenance. The agriculturists we have on the team choose the best plants for your garden. They advise on the best weed, disease and pests control methods without affecting the growth of the garden plants.

With commercial premise, we do our best to make sure that we attract minimum attention from customers and visitors who come to visit your premises while we are doing garden maintenance. We also follow the environmental conservation guidelines to help us minimize environmental pollution.

People may consider doing garden maintenance once in a while.

We advise our customers to go for a bi-weekly garden maintenance program.