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Toronto Snow Removal

On top of dealing with the extreme cold during winter, you also have to worry about snow which is a possible hindrance to your mobility. While some people opt to get rid of snow in their driveways themselves, you will save yourself a lot of trouble if you let the professionals do it for you.

At Midtown Landscaping Inc, we offer snow removal for both residential and commercial clients. We work while you rest to ensure that you are able to get to work and school on time, without any snowy obstacles.

Residential Snow Removal

Residential snow removal

Usually, snow is a major hindrance to homes in that you can find yourself completely unable to leave your home because you have been snowed in. When it comes to residential snow removal, we offer various services:
  • Driveway plowing
  • Shovelling walkways
  • Clearing steps and porch
  • Salting and ice management
  • Service from November 15 until April 15
Commercial / Industrial Snow Removal

Commercial snow removal

When it comes to businesses, the process of snow removal is a lot differ from residential snow removal. The main difference is a high priority. We aim to keep businesses free of snow before opening hours. And scale of work involved, as there are likely to be larger spaces being dealt with. Services we offer:
  • Parking lot plowing
  • Shoveling walkways
  • Snow stacking and hauling
  • Salting and ice management
  • Ice preventing
  • Service before business hours
  • Priority service

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