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Fertilization Toronto

We know your lawn means a lot to you. A well-maintained lawn adds to your home’s curb appeal, increasing your home’s value and of course giving you something pleasant to look at. In order for a lawn to look good, you are required to water it, trim it, shape it, and put in all the work required to make it come close to looking like a world-class golf course. Every plant in the world needs nutrients for proper growth. Proper growth means having a healthy appearance as the end result. If you need a healthy lawn, feed it. Feeding here doesn’t only mean watering. Fertilization is also key.


Lawn fertilization Includes:

  • 4 seasonal Applications

Spring – April / May
Early Summer June / July
Late Summer August / September
Fall October / November

  • Slow release fertilizer
  • Organic product
  • Pet friendly

Starting from $40.00 per application or $140.00 for the season.

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Nutrients in the soil provide the lawn with essential elements for growth. However, the nutrients may not be adequate and sometimes get depleted with time. This leaves the soil without adequate nutrients to feed the lawn. If this happens, you get thin and unhealthy lawns. The last thing you want in your front and backyards is a malnourished lawn that is neither inviting nor inspiring.

The main goal of fertilizing lawns is to provide the necessary elements in the required amounts at the right time to achieve a desirable lawn quality. So you have to be careful with amounts, and time. Do not overdo anything as the old adage goes, too much of everything is poisonous.

There are numerous elements needed by a plant for proper growth. However, many of them are required in small quantities and are ready in the soil. Their presence is only affected by extreme soil conditions. Our agriculturists say the most important elements are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.


When to apply the fertilizer is very crucial. Fertilization has to be carried out at specific times of the year, and throughout. Our experts advise 4 applications throughout the season. First application April / May, second June / July, third August / September and forth October / November are the principal times of the year to fertilize your lawn. Spring and Fall applications are the most critical, plants need nutrients since they are recovering from harsh weather conditions, pests, and disease attacks and are now active to use the nutrients provided.

Why Us?

Fertilizer application needs a lot of knowledge and experience to do it effectively. We are here to provide you with the most beautiful lawn. That’s why our team comprises of well-trained agriculturists to do all that. We are also conscious of the environmental conservation measures since we understand that fertilizers can pollute the environment if mishandled.

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