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Fall Clean Up Toronto

Fall cleanup is always good for preparation for the spring season. A proper fall yard cleanup will always pay off well later in the spring. So it’s good to work on the yard now before the spring comes, to avoid major work then.

Fall is known for the cool days. So the cleaning up of the yard should be focused on the preparation for cool days. Ensure you have a good, well-trained and experienced team that has proper knowledge of landscaping maintenance to help you prepare for the fall.

Fall clean up

Fall clean up service includes:

  • Removal off all leaves and branches from lawn and garden areas
  • Removal off all annual flowers
  • Cutting back all perennial flowers
  • Optional: garden beds soil cultivations and edging
  • Optional: shrub trimming
  • Optional: Fall fertilizing
  • Optional: Lawn Aeration

Starting from $110.00 per 2 man hours.

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