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Lawn Repair Overseeding Toronto

Maintenance is not the same thing as repairing. You maintain to keep something in good shape as it pleases you. You repair something that is broken. When it comes to overseeding, this falls into both categories. You could perform overseeding either to maintain or repair your lawn. The way we see it, overseeding should be an integral part of annual lawn maintenance.

Lawn Repair / Overseeding

The way we do overseeding:

  • Starting by mowing lawn to 1.5 inches high
  • Lawn dethatching, as seeds need to be in direct contact with the soil
  • Racking the area to make it clean and roughen up the soil
  • Spreading grass seeds evenly over the entire lawn bed
  • Laying a very thin layer of peat moss over entire surface
  • Application of starter fertilizer
  • Watering instruction will be provided

Starting from $220.00 for up to 1000 sq. ft.

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Lawns are subjected to varying and changing weather conditions all through the year. The weather sometimes could be stressful and unfavorable making the lawn endure great stress. This may make the grass to grow older with time. Also, the activities performed on the lawn may be heavy. Heavy usage of lawns suppresses the grass making it grow slower. Also, this results to slow growth rate preventing the natural vigorous growth of your lawn. This makes the lawn to look uneven and may even cause brown patches since an old lawn loses its natural green color.

Consistent mowing of your lawn does not give the grass enough time to grow up to seeding. This always prohibits the grass from propagating itself which makes the lawn to grow older, depending on the same stems, tillering and rhizomes for years for growth. And eventually, lawn stresses such as vigorous growth and weed competition will start to overcome your efforts of maintenance. This is when overseeding is duly required.

Why overseed?

There are so many reasons for overseeding
  • Revives a worn and thin lawn
  • Fill in bare spots
  • Crowds out seed by thickening lawn
  • Improve heat and drought tolerance
  • Strengthen your lawn to help it tolerate heavy usage


Overseeding should be done yearly in order to have green, healthy and thicker lawn. The best time for overseeding in any region is Spring and Fall when there are favorable weather conditions for faster and proper seed germination.

Overseeding has done by professionals never disappoints.

We include even mowing, watering, fertilizing and dethatching in our overseeding package.