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Sodding Toronto

Sodding is a great choice for the homeowner who wishes to transform their property instantly. There are various reasons why most homeowners will prefer sod lawns. For starters, a sod lawn is easier to establish compared to seed lawns. It is also cheaper than an artificial lawn, but like an artificial lawn, it improves your property instantly.



  • The first thing we do is determine if you want to use a sprinkler system, as this needs to be installed before the sodding can take place.
  • We then will remove existing grass and smooth up the soil.
  • Next comes topdressing with a mixture of topsoil and compost, which will provide nutrition to the turf grass and allow it to grow healthily.
  • Then we grade and level the lawn bed.
  • One application of slow release fertilizer prior unrolling the sod.
  • Finally, it is time to unroll the sod, settling it in tightly and cutting edges along the lawn bed.
  • We will also water it for the first time and will give an instruction on how to water your new lawn.

Our prices range from $1.7 per square foot.

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Benefits of sodding:

  • A sod lawn looks good the instant it is done. When paying us for the landscaping job, you will be able to clearly see where your money went.
  • A sod lawn can handle traffic immediately after installation. Usually, we advise our clients to wait two months before they can subject seeded lawns to foot traffic.
  • Sod lawns can easily compete with weeds because they are already growing by the time they are installed. A seeded lawn, on the other hand, might be overwhelmed by weeds within a short time.
  • Sod lawns have a higher success rate compared to seeded lawns, which require more delicate care and are more susceptible to risks such as birds picking up the seeds, failure to germinate due to inadequate warmth and so on.
  • Turf grass can stay cool under the beating sun, meaning you’ll still be able to enjoy walking barefoot on your lawn even on hotter days.

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