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Shrubs Tree Trimming Toronto

Gardens with overgrown shrubs, broken and hanging branches and dried up flora are not pleasing to look at. While gardens are supposed to be soothing and inspiring, a garden with the aforementioned characteristics does the opposite. Such a garden not only has minimal to no appeal but also poses potential safety hazards. What if a hanging branch falls on an unsuspecting visitor of the garden? The risks are numerous.

If looking at your garden makes you sad, it is about time you called in the professionals. Pruning is the removal of excess, unwanted, broken and dead branches and leaves of a shrub or tree. Shaping is a pruning designed to make a tree or shrub grow into a certain shape and height.

Shrubs / Tree trimming

Benefits of trimming and pruning

  • Safety maintenance: Overgrown hanging tall branches may impede walking along the walkways of a garden and obscure oncoming traffic from view. A broken branch if not taken care of may fall unexpectedly. It may fall on a building, passerby or vehicle causing accidents.
  • Promote growth: Trimming helps a lot in plant growth as it makes sure all the excess leaves preventing sunlight from passing through are taken care of.
  • Direct growth: The best way to train your shrub to grow to a certain shape, size and direction is by pruning.
  • Remove undesirable growth: All the excessive growth seasonally should be removed to maintain the shapes of the shrubs.
  • Produce more flowers. Pruning gives the plant a chance to reproduce better.

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When do you prune?

Ideally, pruning is an activity that starts after germination. Young plants love pruning as it helps them shed off the unwanted branches and leaves, rejuvenating their growth. Pruning at the wrong time may not damage the plants. But it may greatly affect the flowering or fruiting of the shrub or tree. It may even completely sacrifice it.

Some people believe that pruning of some shrubs is done anytime you see unwanted growth on the plant. This is not correct. Make sure you prune when the shrub can recover or after flowers fade.

It is also important to note that pruning is not a job that you do without any skill. Damaging of plants and inhibiting their flowering is likely to happen if wrongly pruned. So not only when you prune your trees and shrubs matters, but also how you do it.

The greatest advice is, if you have no skill in pruning, hire a professional. We can do it for you and you will never have to worry about anything. We also do trimming of any sizes, shapes of shrubs, hedges, and trees up to 15 ft high.