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Dethatching Toronto

Lawn maintenance is a skill rather than just a chore as many may perceive. Here you have a goal and you want to achieve it in all ways possible and the ways are clear cut. The key to establishing, developing and maintaining a beautiful lawn is ensuring you apply proper lawn maintenance practices, all the way from mowing, watering, and fertilizing to aeration. But, it doesn’t end there, your lawn may have excess layer of thatch.


Why Dethatch:

  • Helps grass by encouraging it to thicken up
  • Keeps grass less susceptible to disease
  • Increases the level of water, air and nutrients that can get through to the root zone
  • Helps sunlight to reach lower grass blades

Starting from $120.00 for up to 2000 sq. ft.

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What is thatch anyway and where does it come from?

Thatch is a brown layer of living, dead and decaying organic matter, (mostly grass leaves), that builds up between the soil and the green grass. It develops after you have an established lawn and have been tending to it for quite some time, let’s say a couple of years.

Okay. Let’s start here. You don’t even notice that your lawn has thatches let alone removal of thatch itself. We will make it clear. If your lawn is properly maintained, we mean getting a lot of attention, then it is healthy. Healthy well-established lawns have thatches. Maybe you cannot see them and as we said, they are okay. Thatches have benefits to the grass on your lawn.


You have it if your lawn:
  • Thatch layer that is more that ½ inches thick
  • Feels too spongy and has dry spots even after watering
  • Is thinning and dying even after fertilizing
  • Have a brown appearance after mowing

We have the best modern equipment, well trained and experienced staff and high scheduling systems in all mowing practices. We are known for reliability and excellent services since we take pride in our work and professionalism.

Now that you know you need dethatching, you have three choices of dethatching. Buy dethatching equipment, lease it or hire a professional. Before you make that decision, we would like to point out something here. If you have to do it, make sure you do it right. It may appear as a simple task but do it right and at a time when your grass can heal of the dethatching stress.

That is why we advise that you hire professionals for excellent results. Don’t overwork yourself with something you are not skilled about.

Call us today and we promise you’ll be glad you did.